Marieke Bruins is a textile designer, who is passionate about a number of industries and materialities that can be applied to fashion, home wares and industrial fabrication. She has completed her Bachelor of Arts in Textile Design at RMIT University and is well versed in all things surface design.  


Drawing inspiration from a number of contrasting areas such art and popular culture and by upending traditional approaches and techniques, the work she creates is vastly original, refined and driven. With an aesthetic that can be described as rich in both colour and motif, her designs stand out as being the one to watch.


Through her time at RMIT she has participated in a range of collaborative projects such as Design to Print, Country Road and Maxwell & Williams and has furthermore gained a strong desire to design for the commercial marketplace. Utilising her background in fashion design and her current textile design skills, Marieke sees approaching commercial big brands with an innovative mind as an enticing opportunity to showcase how she can translate original ideas into the marketplace.